Due to complications with the venue we regret that the First Annual Arts Festival scheduled for this year has been cancelled

Port Bickerton Lighthouse

Interpretive Centre & Gift Shop

Acclaimed international tourism consultant Roger Brooke has called the Port Bickerton Lighthouse not only one of the best tourist attractions on the Eastern Shore, but one of the 10 best “must-see” lighthouses in Nova Scotia.

For the past 26 years, the volunteers of the non-profit charity, the Port Bickerton and Area Planning Association, have worked hard to protect and preserve the Lighthouse site for the enjoyment of both local people and visitors from away. From the Interpretive Centre located in the old lighthouse, to the 3.7 kilometers of nature trails, to the new artist retreat opened in 2014, our efforts have helped to make the Port Bickerton Lighthouse a favorite stop along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore.

The time, commitment and hard work of our volunteers are only part of the picture, however. Maintaining the facilities on the lighthouse site also requires financial resources. This is where our “Friends of the Light” are so important to us.

Our “Friends of the Light” membership drive is a major part of our annual fund-raising efforts. Your membership can be renewed for the nominal fee of $30.00.

“Friends” will receive in return:

  • A full season family pass for 4 to the Lighthouse site.
  • A lighthouse memento to let others know you’re a “Friend of the Light”
  • Our annual newsletter and other benefits.

This membership fee is also tax deductible, as the Association is a designated charity pursuant to Canada’s Income Tax Act.

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Too many historic Nova Scotia lighthouses are disappearing through abuse, disinterest and neglect. The Port Bickerton Lighthouse has been an icon of our region for 104 years. It remains a tangible example of the common heritage of the people of the Port Bickerton and the surrounding area, linking their past, present and future as a community living alongside the Atlantic coast.

If you wish to continue to help us keep the Port Bickerton Lighthouse a site of historic, cultural, educational and economic significance, please consider making a monetary donation or becoming a “Friend of the Light”.

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