Due to complications with the venue we regret that the First Annual Arts Festival scheduled for this year has been cancelled

Port Bickerton Lighthouse

Interpretive Centre & Gift Shop

The Association

In response to plans by the federal government in the mid-1990s to transform the lighthouse site into a toxic waste dump, concerned citizens in Port Bickerton formed the non-profit, all-volunteer Port Bickerton And Area Planning Association (PBAPA) to ensure the continued existence and protection of the lighthouse and the surrounding property.  The PBAPA is a designated charitable organization under the Canada Income Tax Act.

Port Bickerton Lighthouse - Lighthouse Gallery

Our Mission

The mission of the PBAPA Association is to protect and preserve the history and cultural heritage of the community of Port Bickerton and the pristine natural environment in which it is located.  The preservation of the Port Bickerton Lighthouse is a source of pride and accomplishment to the citizens of a community especially hard hit by the decline of the fisheries industry.  It also provides direct economic and social benefits to a community struggling to maintain its identity and viability in an economically stagnant region.

Our Motto

“The light of the past illuminates the path to our future.”



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